Climathon Stockholm

We transform Stockholm citizens into the climate facilitators!

Join today, take actions together and be accountable for halting the "global boiling".


Climathon is a global movement, orchestrated by EIT Climate-KIC, that empowers citizens to take action against climate change through worldwide Climathon events. Climathon Stockholm takes place once per year during the Climathon Global Days. We will bring together industrial leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians and ordinary citizens to combat the climate challenges of Stockholm. 

No matter you are an expat or the local , the city is your home and need your action to protect her before the "tomorrow" comes. Every individual YOU counts! Are you ready to take a part? 

Be a Partner

Any companies or communities having specific challenges in decarbonisation or circular economy and looking for solutions

Be a Speaker

Experts or top voices willing to help ordinary citizens to take right actions and to contribute with their knowledge, experience or resources

Be a Volunteer

Anyone who is eager to learn the most out of the sessions and thinking of contributing to solving the challenges

Highlights from Climathon Stockholm 2023

31, Oct 2023

Climathon Stockholm 2023 - Sets the Stage for Climate Action in Stockholm

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